Do you need any help?

     Imagine the most beautiful person you can.  Now pick someone who isn’t myself haha.  You’ll need a firm grasp on that image as we go through this little activity and I don’t want to cut into your idea of beauty.  This happened to me the other day before work so here we go:
     I was early for the ol job, which rarely happens, me being a busy malchick and a slight bit loopy in the head.  So I decided to stop in at this biblio shop to see if I might want to spend some of my cutter on a bib.  As I entered, Oh my brothers, I saw such a wonderful sight.
     The young sharp behind the counter was of the most wonderful cuteness I could have hopped for.  Furthermore she had a like ‘you are cute’ glance shooting from her eyes upon seeing myself.  The eye contact was longer than usuall and I knew I was up one point. ‘ding’
     Point two was her beauteous voice floating from her mouth like angels singing: “Can I help you find something?”
     Now I am never to know whether or not someone wants me to get help.  On one hand I might pretend that I’d love her to help me out and she would be quite happy to do so.  On the other she might think I’m a bit daft needing help to find a section of biblios that are clearly marked.  I went with option two.
     “No thanks I’m just looking for now”.
     The third point in this blosoming relationship was her choice of music to be heard through the shop’s speakers.  None other than The Beatles warbbling away about working 8 days a week some sharp named Elanor Rigby and a Yellow Submarine.  This is the point in any situation when I begin to lose my mind. 
     Cute girl+Great musical taste+interested in myself=awesome.
     Finally the icing on the cake.  The like cherry on top was that she had read the bib that I had decided to purchase (A bio of ol’ Castro Fidel).  A girl that reads is getting hard to find these days; anyone who reads is hard to find for that matter.  And a girl that reads biblios that I enjoy is a fine find for sure.
     Needless to say we are going to try some chai this weekend.  Wish me luck.
SnowDove, ArmsUp

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