ArmsUp News

Hi hi hi my droogies,
     Here is a quick update of the doings and intentions of ArmsUp:
1. Finally finishing Anna Please.  We’ll have it mixed by the end of October…hopefully.  It does sound fantastically great though.
2. Getting ready to record a new song!  If you know and love Vampire Campfire its coming out soon!  We’ve been working on a demo of it.  Trying new intros, outros, bridges, instruments etc.  I’ll be sure to update its progress as we finish the demo and begin to enter the studio
3. Jamming Jamming Jamming.  The band loves to jam and all of this playing is making us into great musicians.
     The songs are getting better every day.  Just this Thursday, Heavy, Voyno and myself jammed with local Saskatoon musician Barrett in his fantabulous church house.  I’m not kidding here, the guy lives in a converted church!  I’m betting Heavy will be posting a new jamming blog about the experience at
     Well there are 3 things to wet your whistle.  Lots more to come.

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